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Leicester and Cumbria, my two homes for much of my life, are my primary inspirations. They are very different in geography, yet contain between them much of the scenery and landscapes to be found throughout Britain.

Born in 1964 and brought up on the Solway Firth in Cumbria. This rural estuarine setting has been exchanged for the urban environment of a Midlands industrial town.

I first moved to Leicester in 1982 to take my degree. It is during this time that my interest in photography started, when I bought my first camera.

I now primarily use digital cameras, but almost always employ manual settings, and mount old, prime lenses. For years now the camera industry has striven to encourage the instant and automatic in photography, however I prefer to have control over every aspect of the photograph, and to be forced to take time with each shot.

Landscape, objects, structures, and texture all feature as primary subjects in my photographs.


I am the resident photographer at the Ellerington Fine Art Gallery in Leicester. There you can view and purchase, or order framed prints of my work, as well as a variety of greetings cards.

I have exhibited photographs in the annual Leicester "Art House" exhibitions since 2008, and have been a member of the Leicester Contemporary Art Group (sponsored by the West End Gallery) since its creation. One of my photographs was accepted for the "6x8" exhibition at the The Gallery @ Pedestian in Leicester.

The University of Leicester Bookshop stocks my greetings cards, displaying some of my unique views of the University buildings.


Prints of all photographs in the gallery are for sale, printed on various media, framed or unframed. Please contact me for details.


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